Positive poetry: London Underground culture coming to Cork city

Positive poetry: London Underground culture coming to Cork city
James McInerney, who run the Inspirational Poetry project in Cork.

INSPIRATIONAL poetry may soon be displayed in Cork, similar to how it is on the London Underground.

Fine Gael councillor Deirdre Forde has gotten behind a free initiative that has been rolled out across the UK, the US, and Australia.

The Poetry Project, run by poet James McInerney, uses poetry to raise awareness of mental health and depression, to show people who are suffering that they are not alone.

Mr McInerney told The Echo that he has had hugely positive feedback, and that now, more than ever, during the coronavirus lockdown, mental health is of paramount importance.

“It’s going to be a hot topic when we get back to some kind of normalcy of life. I think it’s going to be huge,” he said.

Positive poetry
Positive poetry

He is currently focusing on the social media aspect of the campaign, given lockdown restrictions, but hopes to roll his positive poetry out in public places, such as universities, airports, parks, gyms, and shopping centres, as he has in the UK.

Mr McInerney wants to bring this project to Ireland, and has spoken to Ms Forde about Cork.

Ms Forde told The Echo that she would be “delighted” to get on board, and hopes Cork City Council will implement it in council buildings, before potentially taking part in a wider campaign.

Positive poetry
Positive poetry

“It’s a proven success in other jurisdictions. Mental health is a big issue, at the moment. People are losing hope, because they have no structure. There is a lot of fear out there.

“Any way that we can help uplift them — if you see something that makes you smile as you walk along — it could instantly turn around your mood,” Ms Forde said.

“Not only would I like to see Cork City Council do it within their own buildings, but also out in the parks and in the streets. I think these messages could be very worthwhile.”

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