Gardaí called to same house in Cork three times in 24 hours over alleged barring order breaches

Gardaí called to same house in Cork three times in 24 hours over alleged barring order breaches
Picture: Eddie O'Hare

GARDAÍ had to call to the same house in Cork city three times within a 24-hour period to investigate complaints that a young man was breaching a barring order.

In one incident the young man was allegedly smashing up his own television in his bedroom.

By the time the case came before Cork District Court, the defendant’s father said he did not want to have a barring order at all. He said he suffered poor health and needed his son at home to help mind him and that what he really wanted was a safety order which would allow his son to live at the family home but would require him not to put his father in fear.

Judge Olann Kelleher said the complainant should apply for those changes at the family court but said they could not be made at a district court dealing with general criminal cases.

The complainant then left the court with his adult son and said he would go about making such an application.

Sergeant Jason Cotter said gardaí were obliged to respond to complaints about breaches of a barring order. However, he said that in the present case the complainant kept allowing the defendant — his son — to return to the house, even though a barring order expressly prohibits a person from attending at the complainant’s home.

The sergeant said it was a “vicious circle”. He said they had responded to complaints to attend the house to investigate barring order breaches on Thursday afternoon at 2.48pm, followed by further complaints the next morning — June 5 — at 1.13am and again at 8.50am.

The defendant’s father said: “He had ADHD, we were told at the age of 16 his illness would go away, it hasn’t. He doesn’t mean to do these things, he just doesn’t think.”

Judge Kelleher said he had great sympathy for the complainant but that he needed to have the barring order removed at the family court and apply to have a safety order instead.

The judge put the case related to the barring order breaches back until June 9 with the accused remanded on bail until then.

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