Woman assaulted in 'vicious attack' while retrieving belongings for cousin after break up

Woman assaulted in 'vicious attack' while retrieving belongings for cousin after break up
Anglesea Street Courthouse. Picture; David Creedon / Anzenberger

A YOUNG woman who assisted her cousin in retrieving her belongings from an apartment after a fractious end to a relationship ended up being punched in the face and kneed or kicked in the ribs by the man.

Judge Olann Kelleher said he was concerned to read in the victim impact statement, “He threatened her, ‘The people from Dublin will be down to take you out’. He then tried to get her to drop the charges.” 

Frank Buttimer, solicitor, stressed that the case against 46-year-old Aran Green of 6 Elderwood Park, Cork, went back a year and there was absolutely no question of any such threat being carried out or any contact of any kind being made by the defendant with the injured party.

Green pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing harm to the woman who was merely assisting her cousin.

Mr Buttimer said the accused had gathered €5,000 compensation for the young woman which he handed over at Cork District Court.

Judge Kelleher said it was a vicious attack and he noted from a victim impact report that her sleep had been completely disrupted in the year since and she had been unable to return to work.

Judge Kelleher said he would not finalise the case today and wanted to make sure there would be no more trouble from the defendant. He adjourned sentencing until October 19.

Sergeant Davis said that on August 18, 2019 the defendant’s ex-girlfriend went to the apartment at Boreenmanna Road to retrieve clothing and other belongings. Mr Buttimer said the relationship had ended in a fractious manner.

Sgt. Davis said the defendant’s ex-girlfriend was accompanied by her cousin and they noticed her belongings strewn around outside the property.

Sgt. Davis said the defendant arrived and assaulted the young woman with his ex-girlfriend, “grabbed her by the hair, punched her face and head and then kicked or kneed her in the ribs.” 

Mr Buttimer said the defendant only realised what he had done when investigating gardaí showed him CCTV. 

“He is beyond remorseful for his actions. He has written a letter of apology.”

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