One-way walking system in Cork city centre laneway will be 'bad for business'

One-way walking system in Cork city centre laneway will be 'bad for business'
Carey's Lane. Photo credit: Breda Graham.

A one-way walking system to be introduced in the French Huguenot Quarter of the city has been widely blasted as “blatantly bad for business” by the traders in the area.

Duke’s Coffee which has been operating on Carey’s Lane for the past 15 years will be hugely affected by the new system, if introduced.

Speaking to The Echo, Owner of Duke’s Coffee, Aidan Duke, said the proposal to introduce one-way pedestrianisation on French Church Street, Carey’s Lane, Cook Street and Marlboro Street is “extremely unfair.” 

“It is mind-boggling,” Mr Duke said, “When I first heard it I thought it was a joke.” Mr Duke said he has a number of questions in relation to the initiative, mostly centred around why?

“Why are they bringing it in, why just these four streets? What is it going to achieve?” 

The business owner said he had been in contact with City Hall in relation to the proposal and had asked the council to come down and speak to the traders before going ahead with this scheme.

Dukes Coffee Company, Carey's Lane, Cork.Picture Denis Minihane.
Dukes Coffee Company, Carey's Lane, Cork.Picture Denis Minihane.

“We are on the ground, we know how it works, we know our customers, we know how deliveries are made, we know how refuse is collected. We have a wealth of knowledge from experience.” 

Mr Duke said they had not yet received a commitment from the council to engage with the local businesses in this way.

Explaining the problem, Mr Duke said that one-way system would actually increase footfall in the area which people forced to go down one street to get to a shop on the other.

Mr Duke also said many deliveries drivers refuse collections and traders were adamantly going to ignore the rule if put in place.

“How is this going to be enforced? Is there going to be wardens at either end of the street, stopping people? It will cost a fortune.” 

The coffee shop owner, who has a second store in City Gate Mahon, said this system, if introduced, will cut his footfall in half.

“There is no medical reason behind this, there is no science behind it, they don’t even know the footfall numbers in the area, it is just perceived to have a high volume of pedestrians.” 

City Hall has launched an online public consultation process inviting the public to have their say on the proposed one-way pedestrian system. To make a submission, log onto // by 5pm on Monday, 8 June.

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