Greens label former Lord Mayor 'embarrassing for the city'

Greens label former Lord Mayor 'embarrassing for the city'
Green Party Cllr. Oliver Moran 

THE Green Party has hit back at former Lord Mayor Terry Shannon, describing statements made by him as "embarrassing for the city".

Speaking to The Echo on Wednesday, Cllr Shannon said people needed to “stop whinging” about pedestrian access to Tramore Valley Park from Half Moon Lane.

Mr Shannon hit out at the Green Party and lobby groups, representing cyclists and pedestrians in the city, who are calling for the entrance to be opened temporarily, saying they have “gone mad” and that it makes him “sick”.

He claims those calling for temporary access via Half Moon Lane are endangering people’s lives by saying it’s safe for motorists and pedestrians coming out onto South Douglas Road.

“I’ll support no proposals to, in the short term, open the Half Moon Lane until such time as proper infrastructure that will alleviate the health and safety and public safety issues are resolved," Mr Shannon said, adding that it could cost in the region of €200,000."

Mr Shannon also raised the issue of pedestrianising the Marina, which begins today, saying: “Now that we’re opening the Marina you can see the whinging that’s still going on. 

Cllr Terry Shannon
Cllr Terry Shannon

"It should have been done, and when will it happen, why does it take so long, and I hope there’ll be bollards and all this sh**e,” Mr Shannon said.

Responding, Green Party Councillor for Cork City North East, Oliver Moran, said: "Using profanities to describe the emergency measures being put in place does more to demean Cllr Shannon than the work of local authority staff, who are doing their best for us all at this time. 

"Cllr Shannon is quick to pose for photographs when these measures are announced, but his words show the reality: describing people who want safe space to socially distance as "whingers", saying residents who want local access to public amenities should 'suck it up'.

"It's a disgraceful way to talk about the public at any time. 

"During a pandemic, with all the pressures that people are under? It's embarrassing for the city.

Mr Moran said Cork is already behind the curve on improved pedestrian and sustainable transport measures to meet the expected demands for the post-COVID19 recovery. 

He added: "Groups as diverse as Cork Chamber and the HSE Health Promotion Unit are behind plans like these. 

"They're demanding these kinds of measures to boost our city centre, and provide local neighbourhoods with the amenities and assurances people and businesses need. 

"They deserve to be treated with greater respect for that than what Cllr Shannon has shown."

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