'I just wouldn't take the chance'; People of Cork cautious about foreign holidays this summer

'I just wouldn't take the chance'; People of Cork cautious about foreign holidays this summer

The Government has warned against non-essential foreign travel and said it risks undoing the progress the country has made in combating the coronavirus.

There is uncertainty around whether people should travel overseas after Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan advised Irish residents to cancel foreign holidays to prevent a potential second surge.

We asked the people of Cork what they think.

Bridget Cleary.Picture Denis Minihane.
Bridget Cleary.Picture Denis Minihane.

Bridget Cleary, living near Ballinlough, said she has taken the decision not to travel abroad this summer. 

"We were going to do the Camino in Spain but we’ve cancelled it. 

"We're going to stay locally as well as a trip to Mayo."

Bridget said she believes Ireland could benefit from taking a stronger stance against foreign travel. 

"I hail originally, years ago, from New Zealand and I think following their protocols would really be beneficial," she said. 

"I think now is a great opportunity for people to explore Ireland a bit. 

"A lot of us probably haven’t travelled as much as we should have around our own countries.

"It’s a good chance to visit some of those places that are on the Lonely Planet but we might not have looked at ourselves."

Conor Hooper.Picture Denis Minihane.
Conor Hooper.Picture Denis Minihane.

Conor Hooper, living in Ballintemple, was in town with his twin brother Jamie. 

Whilst he does not have any foreign holidays booked this summer, Conor believes anyone who does should heed the advice of Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health, and cancel their trips. 

"I don’t think we should be [travelling abroad] at the moment. 

"I think staying here is probably wise for a bit. 

"I think it’s smart and also maybe our economy will get a little boost as well. 

"There are loads of great things to do here. 

"I’m planning a few staycations myself. 

"I’m going to go hiking in Connemara and I’ve never seen the Giant’s Causeway so I’m going to make it up that way if I can this summer – and the islands, I want to see more of them too."

Jamie Hooper.Picture Denis Minihane.
Jamie Hooper.Picture Denis Minihane.

Jamie Hooper said he wouldn’t even consider travelling abroad this summer. 

"I have a trip to Porto planned alright in October so I don’t really know what the status of that is yet," he said. 

Jamie said he is hoping to enjoy a few trips around Ireland instead this summer. 

"Fáilte Ireland should really make a big thing about staycations – I saw someone on Twitter call it 'laethanta here-a' which I thought was brilliant – it should be marketed really well. 

"There are so many incredible places to visit within Ireland. 

"You see it all the time when someone comes to stay from Canada or someone comes to study here and they spend their entire year here travelling places that I’ve never even bothered to go. 

"I’ve never been to the Giant's Causeway for example, and I lived in Belfast for a year."

Eileen Coughlan.Picture Denis Minihane.
Eileen Coughlan.Picture Denis Minihane.

Eileen Coughlan from Blackrock believes it is "too soon" for people to be going on foreign holidays. 

"We had nothing booked, but to be honest I wouldn’t be rushing on a plane if we had," she said. 

Instead, Eileen is opting to holiday in Ireland, with a trip to Killarney booked for next week. 

"I do agree that the money should be pumped into our own country at the moment, to give the hotels, restaurants, bars and other businesses a chance."

Eileen said she believes the Government should intervene and disallow travel in and out of the country. 

"I think the Government should step in and I also think that flights shouldn’t be allowed in. 

"I was reading on social media this morning that there was a group of Americans down in Killarney and they were asked were they caught in the lockdown and they said no that they had just arrived into the country."

Aidan Cotter.Picture Denis Minihane.
Aidan Cotter.Picture Denis Minihane.

Aidan Cotter from Douglas won’t be going on his trip to Portugal as planned this summer. 

"We had a trip to Portugal booked for the end of July but we’re going to cancel. I just wouldn’t take the chance," he said. 

"The other thing for me, from a work point of view, I couldn’t isolate for two weeks coming back – that was another reason [for cancelling]." 

"I think there will be hopefully loads of time for holidays in the future," he added.

In the meantime, Aidan is on the hunt for the perfect spot to visit in Ireland this summer but has found that prices of accommodation have skyrocketed. 

"We’ve been looking at hotels – unfortunately, the pricing has gone outrageous," he said. 

Aidan said he doesn’t yet believe the Government should intervene and ban foreign travel this summer, saying it should be up to individuals to make the decision. 

Dympna Murphy.Picture Denis Minihane.
Dympna Murphy.Picture Denis Minihane.

Dympna Murphy from Aherla was in the city centre for the first time since March yesterday. 

She didn’t have any foreign holidays booked this summer but said she would not travel abroad if she had. 

"We had nothing booked and if I had, I wouldn’t travel. I think people should just stay in Ireland," she said. 

"We’re lucky in the sense that we can book whenever we like. 

"I’m retired so we can go away in September, October, whenever – it might be more accessible for us and more affordable," she continued. 

Dympna is hoping to make the most of the summer by travelling to a few spots around Ireland. 

"You can’t beat the Wild Atlantic Way," she said. 

"If we have nice weather, Garretstown will do me," she laughed.

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