Hollywood star accused by Cork City Councillor of interfering with Irish politics 

Hollywood star accused by Cork City Councillor of interfering with Irish politics 
Green Party Cllr. Lorna Bogue with party leader Eamon Ryan TD on the top of Shandon. Picture Dan Linehan

Actor Mark Ruffalo has been “interfering in the democratic decisions” being made by the Green Party, according to a Cork city councillor.

Lorna Bogue made the comments following the party leader Eamon Ryan’s live stream with the star on Monday night, during which they discussed Ireland stopping the import of fracked gas from the US.

The star of Spotlight and the Avengers movies called on the members of the Green Party to vote in favour of the Programme for Government, but Councillor Bogue said the wording in the document won’t stop the infrastructure for fracked gas from being built.

“For some reason Mark Ruffalo seems to believe that it does, and for some reason Eamon Ryan seems to believe that it does. This is not the case,” she told The Echo, adding that it seemed to her that Deputy Ryan has “been telling stories to Mark Ruffalo”.

Mark Ruffalo on the Graham Norton Show.
Mark Ruffalo on the Graham Norton Show.

The Programme for Government states: “As Ireland moves towards carbon neutrality, we do not believe that it makes sense to develop LNG gas import terminals importing fracked gas.

“Accordingly, we shall withdraw the Shannon LNG terminal from the EU Projects of Common Interest list in 2021.

“We do not support the importation of fracked gas and shall develop a policy statement to establish that approach.” Ms Bogue said she believes that by Mr Ruffalo telling members of the Green Party to vote for the Programme for Government, he is “interfering in the democratic decisions that we are making in Ireland.

“On one hand we have all this evidence that what is happening with the Programme for Government is not going to stop fracked gas from coming into Ireland and it’s not going to stop that infrastructure from being built.

“Then, on the other hand, I’m being told by a Hollywood celebrity that I need to vote for a Programme for Government that I know is not going to prevent this infrastructure from being built and, at the same time, I know is going to impoverish the people who are currently homeless - 4,000 of whom are children,” Ms Bogue said.

“I’m being told lies upon lies by everyone, and as an ordinary member of the Green Party I have a Hollywood celebrity telling me which way I’m to vote in a decision that influences the politics in this country.”

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