Cork MEP warns of coronavirus 'cure' scams

Cork MEP warns of coronavirus 'cure' scams
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PEOPLE have been warned to be vigilant when it comes to online scams concerning so-called ‘cures’ for Covid-19.

Cork based MEP Deirdre Clune has said people who are particularly anxious about the virus are being targeted with fake cures or products that allegedly prevent infection.

She said many products are being sold at many times their actual worth, with false claims about masks, caps, drugs and hand sanitizer being made online.

The Fine Gael MEP also said that traders also use other tricks, such as falsely claiming that the products are scarce to push consumers into buying.

Ms Clune said scam messages claiming to be from courier companies looking for peoples account details are also on the increase.

Ireland South MEP Deirdre Clune said: “We are hearing of increased activity when it comes to online scams and it is so important for consumers to be vigilant.

“We are hearing reports of trading selling fake goods online and taking advantage of people’s anxiety at this time. Another scam we are hearing about is courier companies pretending to text delivering a parcel and looking for account details. The advice is to never give out your account details unless you are absolutely certain it is to a trusted source,” Ms Clune added.

She said the European Parliament and European Commission are working together to tackle these scams.

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