'He is anti-everything and a danger to society'; Cork man jailed after hitting his own father with a crutch

'He is anti-everything and a danger to society'; Cork man jailed after hitting his own father with a crutch

A 35-year-old man struck his own father over the head with a crutch and today he was jailed for five months as the judge said the young man appeared to be “anti-everything and a danger to society.” 

The young man’s father spoke up for his son even though he was the victim of the assault causing harm. 

He said of his son, “He is not a criminal by nature. He is not violent. Without the drugs he is a different person.” 

Gordon Browne of Glenfields Avenue, Ballyvolane, Cork, appeared in custody Cork District Court and was sworn in to give evidence by his solicitor, Eddie Burke, after the victim of the assault spoke up for him.

Judge Olann Kelleher noted that that last time Gordon Browne was in residential treatment for drugs was six years ago and he wanted to know what the accused had been doing about it since then. 

“What have you done in the last six years?” the judge asked.

Gordon Browne replied, “I had things to do.” The defendant then shook his head and added, “I don’t care, f*** off, you know what I mean.” 

Mr Burke, solicitor, then asked the accused, “Would you do something about your addiction now?” 

Gordon Brown replied, “Probably, yeah.” 

The judge imposed five months on him for assault and a concurrent five months for damaging his father’s car during the same incident.

Judge Kelleher said, “This is his tenth criminal damage charge, and this is assault causing harm to his father. 

"I understand and respect his father’s view. But this man (defendant, Gordon Browne) does not appear to me to be ready to take treatment. He is anti-everything and a risk to society with his attitude.” 

Sgt John Kelleher previously outlined the circumstances, stating that Gordon Browne assaulted his father at 30 minutes past midnight on May 19 at the family home by hitting him across the head with a crutch causing harm. 

It was further stated that he caused €500 worth of damage to his father’s car before being arrested and taken to Gurranabraher garda station.

Defence solicitor, Eddie Burke, said the victim impact statement gave more of an insight into the defendant’s difficulties than he could ever give as the solicitor.

Gordon Browne had 52 previous convictions, including one for assault causing harm, one for making threats to kill and nine for causing criminal damage.

Mr Burke said many of the previous convictions were for driving offences and that the accused had been largely out of trouble since 2015.

The solicitor suggested that the defendant’s failure to address his drug problem was not because he had been unwilling to do so but was because of the severity of the addiction. 

He is presently on a methadone treatment programme.

Mr Burke said the defendant went into custody on May 19 and did not apply for bail. 

He said the accused pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and also wanted to apologise to his father for what he did on the night in question.

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