Mick Flannery collaborates on anti-domestic violence project raising funds for Women's Aid

Mick Flannery collaborates on anti-domestic violence project raising funds for Women's Aid
Mick Flannery.

Cork singer-songwriter Mick Flannery has joined forces with New York based director Samantha Scaffidi to create a powerful song and music video raising awareness of domestic abuse during the Covid-19 lockdown.

All proceeds from the new track 'Run a Mile' will go to Women’s Aid - a national frontline organisation supporting victims of domestic violence. 

"This song was written as an attempt to empathise with a woman who has lived with disappointing men all her life, from her own father to the father of her child, to subsequent relationships," Mick explained.

"I know that most men know what it feels like to be physically overpowered by a man. 

"Depending on the severity it can cause great anger and/or trauma. 

"I try to use this theme, 'loss of physical autonomy' in the song, and hope to show that, for a woman like this, the effects can be much worse. 

"I’m honoured that Samantha wanted to use it for this project," he continued. 

Writer/director Samantha Scaffidi, who operates out of renowned production company SMUGGLER, in New York, explained the background behind the project. 

"Here in the US, I have been working closely with Healing TREE to bring awareness to the struggle for survivors of domestic abuse to leave their abuser. 

"Recently, with the restriction of resources and the inability to leave the house during this pandemic, I was brainstorming ways to help in the fight against the horrific reality for these survivors during this time. 

"After working with Mick on his song 'Run a Mile' over the past six months, I spoke to Marissa Ghavami at Healing TREE, and we both agreed that we should re-contextualize our film 'Bound' in efforts to spread awareness," she said.

"Hauntingly enough, the image we shot two years ago feels more relevant to the current affairs then it did at that time. 

"I'm thankful it has found a home with Mick and I’s joint effort to bring about awareness and raise funds in Ireland. 

"I believe the song and the film found each other in a way that I could have not predicted. 

"All united for an important cause."

Women's Aid 24hr National Freephone Helpline can be contacted on:1800 341 900

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