Councillors claim they are being 'kept in the dark' on Carrigaline transportation study

Councillors claim they are being 'kept in the dark' on Carrigaline transportation study
Traffic in Carrigaline.Pic; Larry Cummins

LOCAL councillors feel they are being “kept in the dark” in relation to the slow progression of the Carrigaline Transportation Study and the town's Public Realm Enhancement Plan.

Both Independent councillor Marcia D'Alton and Fine Gael councillor Liam O’Connor had the issue on the agenda for this week's Carrigaline Municipal District meeting.

Both councillors voiced concerns at the snail’s pace rate of progress in relation to the projects and asked for more transparency in relation to the schemes.

Fianna Fáil's Seamus McGrath added he thought it would be more advanced at this stage.

Fine Gael's Aidan Lombard said unless there is progress on the transportation study the public realm project will be a waste.

“The development plan for Carrigaline is going to be a waste, what are we going to plan? If we don’t have a map of what we are doing in terms of infrastructure we shouldn’t be doing any plan for the public realm. The two are interlinked.

“You might say to me finalising the development plan is two years away, but I am not sure that this will be done and if it is not done, the development plan for Carrigaline will be a waste of time.” 

Ms D'Alton outlined that two consultants were advertised for in September 2019.

“I don’t understand what has happened between then and now. We are kind of passengers here, this is supposed to be our study too.

“Traffic and transportation are things that we bring feedback back to the council about all the time, we are equally concerned about it, we are invested in and we should have to be asking for updates it should come to us.

“We should be partners on this but at the moment I feel people are trying to keep us in the dark. That is the way it comes across.”

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