UCC researchers looking to speak to families of people in residential care facilities

UCC researchers looking to speak to families of people in residential care facilities

Researchers at University College Cork (UCC) are looking to speak to families and friends of people living in residential care facilities (RCF) for a new project which will look at the impact of the Covid-19 visiting restrictions on loved ones of those in care.

In March, nursing homes in Cork and across the country suspended visiting as the Covid-19 outbreak intensified, and some have just started the process of resuming visits again.

Researchers say the psychosocial and emotional impact of Covid-19 restrictive public health measures in residential care facilities on visitors is unknown and they hope that their survey will aid understanding of the impact of the restrictions on families.

It is also hoped that the project will help to develop ways to support communication and engaging remotely in care.

Dr Irene Hartigan from the School of Nursing and Midwifery is urging people to get involved.

“The COVID-19 pandemic spotlight is on residential care facilities with regard to PPE and testing. Communication solutions for residents and families seem to be hard to come by,” said Dr Hartigan.

“Through this survey we want to explore ways to support the visiting wishes of family and friends but also to help negate feelings of loneliness and isolation for residents and families,” she added.

The survey takes around 20 minutes to complete and can be completed on a smartphone or computer.

No personal information is required, and the survey is anonymous.

The survey is available at: https://www.ucc.ie/en/nursingmidwifery/research/theericprojectengagingremotelyincare/

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