Child left 'white and shaking' after frightening cycle incident

Child left 'white and shaking' after frightening cycle incident
Independent Councillor Marcia D'Alton.Picture: Denis Minihane.

A County Councillor’s ten-year-old son was left grazed, shaken and scared after he was pushed so close to a kerb by a car while out cycling that he fell off his bike and hit his head off of a wall.

Councillor Marcia D’Alton and her two children were out cycling on Monday evening on the Strand Road in Monkstown when the incident happened.

“Olin was in a high-viz vest and had a bright green helmet, so he was pretty obvious. It was somewhere between half past five and six o’clock,” Ms D’Alton said.

The family have been cycling the route regularly during lockdown.

She didn’t see the incident happen herself as her son had cycled a short distance ahead of her and her daughter around a bend.

She also didn’t get the number plate of the car involved, and the driver never stopped to check if Olin was ok.

“We cycled on down to Sand Quay, which is where they park the dinghies in the centre of Monkstown village, and we got off there. The child was white and shaking,” Ms D’Alton said.

“I actually thought he was going to faint. He banged his head and he had an awful headache, and I wasn’t sure if he had a concussion or what,” she added.

Ms D’Alton had left her phone at home and couldn’t ring anyone to come and pick them up so they had to cycle back home again, with Ms D’Alton in front and her twelve-year-old daughter Ethel behind Olin, who now doesn’t want to go cycling again.

She said that given that she didn’t have the car's number plate, it’s highly unlikely anything will come from reporting the incident to the Gardaí, but she is going to do so after people advised her the Gardaí need to be made aware of incidents like this.

“The sad thing is, I don’t know what the message is out of all of this,” Ms D’Alton said.

“We need cycling infrastructure. We need to learn about how to share spaces safely. We need to stop planning for the car as precedent. We need to start planning for the most vulnerable road user,” she added.

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