Frustration at lack of progress on Glenbrook to Carrigaline/Ringaskiddy greenway

Frustration at lack of progress on Glenbrook to Carrigaline/Ringaskiddy greenway
The existing Greenway between Carrigaline and Crosshaven.Picture Denis Minihane.

CARRIGALINE councillors are writing to the National Transport Authority regarding the “snail’s pace” progression of the Glenbrook to Carrigaline/Ringaskiddy greenway.

Independent councillor Marcia D'Alton said she has the project on the agenda last July and was told the tender documents would be done by the end of summer, 2019.

“Now we are being told with a bit of luck we will have the tender documents by quarter three, 2020. I just don’t think we are acting fast enough.” 

Fianna Fáil Councillor Seamus McGrath suggested the project should be split into sections with pieces delivered as possible.

Ms D'Alton said that it was extremely disheartening to see the slow progress of the exciting project.

“It’s an overwhelming level of frustration at what seems to be the immobility of the system in relation to the urgency of these things, how is God’s name can we get that urgency into the preparation of tender documents, the tendering the appointment of the consultants, moving on and getting some excitement going, how do we get that in relation to something ongoing in 2015?.” 

Mr McGrath said the project has a long history at this stage.

“Planning was approved then the NTA changed their mind based on issues many of us had flagged long in advance of the planning application.

“Now funding has been allocated for consultant again, but it is snail’s pace.

"We really do need to start looking at picking off sections that can be delivered, because if you wait for everything to come together you are going to be in a difficult situation with delays.

“There are obvious sections where the project can already be delivered quickly, where residents have already been consulted and on board, where it would be uncomplicated and we should be delivering. I suggest we raise that issue with the NTA.” 

The Carrigaline Municipal District agreed to write to the NTA asking them to pick off the most dangerous stretches and look at how they can be progressed individually.

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