West Cork town prints quarter of a million worth of vouchers to boost local economy

West Cork town prints quarter of a million worth of vouchers to boost local economy
Over quarter of a million euro worth of Clonakilty Vouchers are being distributed to locals eager to support businesses in the town.

A West Cork town has come up with an innovative way to support its businesses as they reopen after months of closure due to Covid-19.

Clonakilty Chamber of Commerce officials has been busy distributing town vouchers with added value to locals anxious to support the 60 different businesses in the town.

Clonakilty Vouchers is a concept that has been in place over the last number of years as a means to support local businesses and keep the spending of money within the town but locals can now get more value for their money by buying vouchers in larger sums.

Destination Coordinator of Clonakilty Chamber of Commerce Mick Hanly said that the idea to print a quarter of a million euro of Clonakilty Vouchers came about during the pandemic.

The former chairperson of Clonakilty Chamber of Tourism and former administrator of the Chamber of Commerce said that money the Chamber had put away for a rainy day was used for the vouchers.

“We thought there’s no more rainy of a day than right now and we just had to figure out how we would get the value out of the rainy day money. We decided it would be a good idea to put added value for anyone buying vouchers, so anybody that would buy €100, we’d give them an extra €20,” he said.

He said there are “around 40 bags” to plough through and distribute to locals looking to get back out and support the town.

The vouchers come in €20 denominations and a maximum of €500 worth of vouchers can be purchased, for which people get an extra €100 worth of vouchers to spend locally.

The vouchers have no expiry date which Mr Hanly said is a “win-win for the Chamber, the businesses and everybody else”.

He said that they won’t be holding onto the vouchers for too long as people lined up at Spillers Lane on Monday morning to purchase them.

“The money has to be spent in Clonakilty and the upside to it is that a lot of people in town use them as cash so they go from one business to another and use the vouchers as currency rather than redeeming them,” he said.

For more information, visit www.clonakilty.ie/clonakilty-vouchers.

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