WATCH: Garda patrols increased after videos showing armed gangs circulate in Cork

WATCH: Garda patrols increased after videos showing armed gangs circulate in Cork
A clip from the second video clip posted online.

The videos of up to 40 masked men armed with various implements, threatening each other, were circulated within a couple of hours of each other.

This is an edited clip of one of the videos being shared online. 

The videos are believed to be linked to an assault on a man near the cinema in Blackpool on Sunday night. He was assaulted with a hurley by a group of men.

The man received hospital treatment but has not made a complaint to gardaí about the incident.

A garda spokesman said this morning that extra patrols are being put in place to help alleviate tensions between the two groups.

Labour councillor John Maher has again called for the Garda Commissioner to intervene in Cork policing and allocate resources after the videos emerged.

“There is no place for this behaviour in our city," he said. "It is concerning that this video has emerged, almost as if there is no fear from the authorities.

“This is the latest example of an atmosphere of lawlessness pervading our city after a number of attacks and assaults coupled with robberies right across the city. 

"A high visibility presence of Gardaí is needed but will only happen from permanent Gardaí being allocated and allocated to specific areas like the Northside to protect ordinary decent people.”

EARLIER: Videos which appear to show a number of groups in Cork threaten each other is proof that more Garda resources are needed to tackle gangland criminality in Cork, according to a local representative.

The first video, which was posted on social media last night, shows a gang of masked men armed with various implements. They cheer as one man who is speaking threatens violence, telling the group he is addressing in the video that ‘ye are getting away with no more’.

Screengrab of the first online video. 
Screengrab of the first online video. 

Within hours, a second video, allegedly responding to the first, was posted online. It also showed an armed group making violent threats.

Ken O’Flynn, a city councillor and Independent general election candidate based on the northside, said people in affected areas are living in fear and more needs to be done to address criminality in the area.

“This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable, it is becoming a new low in Cork society,” he said.

“These people seem to feel they can operate above the law, they seem to think they are untouchable.

“People in some areas are afraid to open their doors, afraid of even going into shopping centres because of all this violence.” 

Mr O’Flynn said he does not blame local gardaí, who he believes are doing the best they can but need more resources.

“The guards are doing the best they can but they have not been funded,” he said. 

“Talking to guards on the street they are under savage pressure, there are just not enough boots on the ground.

“I support the efforts of the regular Gardaí dealing with this issue. 

“All stakeholders must step up and speak out and tell the truth now as the future of a stable society depends on it.”

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