Watch: Aer Lingus pilot releases emotive petition video

Watch: Aer Lingus pilot releases emotive petition video
Still from 'We are Aer Lingus', created by Brendan O'Dowd, a pilot with the airline.

The petition comes as last month the airline announced it is reviewing the future of its Cork and Shannon bases.

It also announced that "significant redundancies" are required to take place across the business.

In response, Brendan O Dowd, a pilot with the airline has started the petition and made a powerful #WeAreAreLingus video to coincide with it.

The video features music by the talented Cork singer, Lyra, who has been vocal about her support for the petition.

"With so many industries worldwide being effected by Covid-19, it's so sad to hear that many will now lose their jobs at Aer Lingus.

"Not only this, significant amounts of Irish businesses will lose out on trade and transport of our Irish goods.

"We are an island, we need air connectivity more that we realise," the West Cork native wrote on social media. 

At the time of print, the online petition which is calling on the government to support Aer Lingus, has almost reached its goal of 25,000 signatures.

"Aer Lingus has been the national airline since 1936 and over the years we have endured many crises only to emerge as a strong, well-run airline that projects our national brand to the world," Mr O'Dowd stated.

"Since the emergence of Covid-19, we have been operating under the most stringent travel restrictions in Europe. 

"At the same time, we are the only major European carrier not to have received any state assistance.

"The demise of Aer Lingus, and the consequent loss of thousands of jobs, would be nothing short of a national tragedy," he continued.

"So time is of the essence - the government needs to support Aer Lingus if it wishes to continue with its current non-essential travel advice. 

"If it doesn’t, this government will go down in history as the one that presided over the wind-up of Aer Lingus," Mr O'Dowd concluded. 

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