Bishopstown residents raise concerns about housing development

Bishopstown residents raise concerns about housing development

RESIDENTS of Bishopstown have raised concerns over a proposed housing development which would see 67 homes built on Bishopstown Road.

Local resident Noreen Sheridan expressed her concern at the development between Hawkes Road and Bishopstown Road which she described as a “death trap”.

The proposed development will consist of the construction of a residential development comprising a total of 67 residential units, including 27 apartments in four three-storey apartment buildings and 40 two-storey maisonette units at Bishopstown Road.

The development site, measuring approximately 1.06 hectares, is located on Bishopstown Road and at its junction with Hawkes Road in a medium density residential area.

Ms Sheridan raised concerns with the underground car parking facilities at the proposed development which she said consists of 23 car park spaces, “two of which are reserved for elderly and five for electric cars”.

“Where are these people going to park? I can tell you now, they’ll be parking down here in Brampton Court and they’ll be parking down in Tiffany Downs, they’ll be parking out on the road,” she said.

She said that the road is already “too busy with traffic” and that the 208 bus running from Curraheen through Bishopstown and onto Lotabeg in Mayfield “had to be taken off that road nearly five years ago because it ceased to travel up and down Hawkes Road due to traffic”.

Residents are also concerned for the safety of cyclists in the area with “no place to put a cycle path” due to the level of vehicular traffic in the area.

“I think it’s a death trap. I’m not exaggerating when I say that. Traffic is dreadful in the mornings and the evenings and this is going to add to the problem,” she said.

“I know houses are needed but there is plenty of land as you go out the Bandon Road to build these units, not where they are proposing to build them. There is so much land further out that road which could be used,” she said.

Residents in the area have been preparing observations which are to be sent to Senior Executive Officer, Housing Directorate at Cork City Council, Alison O’Rourke, today in an attempt to highlight “the dangers of this development”.

“What I would like is for someone from City Hall to come down in their car and see the traffic and what actually goes on and then they’d realise that this is totally uncalled for,” she said.

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