Stolen dog found in Limerick may belong to Cork owner

Stolen dog found in Limerick may belong to Cork owner
The Springer found in Limerick. It may belong to a Cork dog owner.

HAS your springer spaniel been stolen? If so, gardaí may have found it in Limerick.

Gardai are trying to find the owner of an 18-month-old springer spaniel which is currently in the care of an animal shelter in Limerick.

The dog was found in the possession of two men along with another springer spaniel, in Limerick on July 13. The dogs appeared nervous and cowered in their cage. When gardaí asked the men about the ownership of the animals, a spokesman said they were unable to provide information that gardaí were happy with and they seized the frightened animals. 

Although the men said both were microchipped, a check of the two dogs found that neither of them were chipped. One of the men later attended Henry Street and produced documentation which gardaí believe was fraudulent. The two dogs were then brought to a local animal shelter.

One of the dogs, Jake, has now been reunited with its owners in Carrignavar, after being stolen on or around June 24.

Crime prevention officer for Cork West, Sergeant James O'Donovan, said gardaí are now trying to find the owner of the second dog and said there is a possibility the dog could also have been stolen from Cork around the same time.

Sergeant O'Donovan said: "Dogs are being stolen by travelling criminals who go around the country. There have been a number of vehicles identified to us by people."

He urged anyone who has suspicions to contact gardaí.

He added: "We have had reports of people asking about dogs and wondering are there any dogs for sale around an area."

And he said: "If people are buying dogs, make sure the dog is bone fide and has not been stolen. If the dog is very nervous or you are paying a very low price for the dog, check it out. All documentation should be available with the dog."

The discovery of the dogs follows the reunion of a dog stolen in Cork last March after it was found in Kilkenny.

* Gardai in Henry Street garda station can be contacted on 061 212400 if you are the owner of the dog.

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