One-year sentence for man who judge is concerned 'feels invincible' in Cork city 

One-year sentence for man who judge is concerned 'feels invincible' in Cork city 

A one-year sentence was imposed on a young man for the part he played in threatening a young woman that she would be chopped in pieces and sent to her father.

22-year-old Richard McCarthy of bay 10 Spring Lane halting site, Cork, got a total sentence of 12 months today for his threatening behaviour that day and for other crimes.

Judge Olann Kelleher said at Cork District Court, “This man was running amok doing the hard man in the Mayfield area, taking the law into his hands, calling people ‘Hogan rats’ and so on. 

"I am concerned he feels invincible in the city, going back with a machete, kicking in doors and doing things I am sure he is not proud of now.” 

Sergeant John Kelleher said McCarthy was one of four men who accosted a young woman and threatened that she would be cut up in pieces that would be sent to her father.

The 36-year-old woman was walking through Annalee Grove, Mayfield, Cork, on the afternoon of September 18, 2018 when a car containing four men was driven by. Richard McCarthy was a front seat passenger.

They shouted abuse at the woman and then got out of the car and approached her.

“They were insulting her and threatening her that they would cut her up in pieces and send them to her father. They were in possession of various weapons. The injured party ran to a nearby house and hid in the garden,” Sgt. Kelleher said.

In another incident late on March 24, 2019 he went to a house at Shannon Lawn in Mayfield and tried to force his way into a house while armed with a hurley. He broke a pane of glass but was unable to get in, Sgt. Kelleher said.

Hours later at 4 a.m. on March 25, McCarthy returned carrying a machete and smashed another window.

Defence solicitor, Vicki Buckley, said the accused had not come to the attention of gardaí before these incidents, apart from one violent disorder for which he was previously convicted.

Ms Buckley said the animosity between parties that gave rise to these charges was no longer an issue. She said the defendant was with parties he should not have been with during these incidents.

The solicitor said the young man now had insight and awareness and apologised for his behaviour.

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