Two N40 crashes lead to significant delays across Cork

Two N40 crashes lead to significant delays across Cork
N40 South Ring Road eastbound traffic congestionPic Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Gardaí have cleared two crashes from the N40 this afternoon.

Around lunchtime, the Jack Lynch Tunnel was closed northbound following a collision, which led to significant delays.

That collision was subsequently cleared and the tunnel reopened.

A second collision also occurred a short time later on the eastbound lane of the N40 at Junction 9 Bloomfield.

Gardaí have since cleared that collision from the road, however there is still heavy traffic in the area. They have warned motorists against rubbernecking.

Much of the city centre is experiencing a build up of traffic as a knock on result of the two collisions.

The South City Link Road has also become busy as people are trying to avoid the N40.

The queue is from after the Kinsale Road roundabout all the way to The Elysian.

It's also heavy to join that route coming from Blackrock Road onto Victoria Road.

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