“To the person who stopped my car rolling down the hill: Thank you!”

“To the person who stopped my car rolling down the hill: Thank you!”

A good samaritan in Cork has been praised for preventing a car from rolling down a hill after the handbrake failed to keep the car in place.

A note was spotted in Cork city over the weekend which read: “To the person who stopped my mazda from rolling down the hill”.

The note thanked the random stranger who apparently stopped the car rolling down the hill and placed a rock under the wheel to keep it in place.

“You truly are a very good person,” said the author of the note.

“I hope that the car didn’t roll into anyone else’s.” The note-writer revealed that they only recently bought the car and were unaware of the handbrake issue that led to the initial roll.

“I came back to the car an hour after parking and was surprised to see it at the end of the hill,” they added.

The good samaritan did not leave their name or contact details, so the car owner could not contact them to thank them.

“I figured that putting this note up nearby would be the best way to do it,” said the car owner.

“So once again, thank you for coming to my rescue.

“I hope the universe, god, karma or whatever you believe in rewards you for your good deed,” they added.

“People like you are why I love this city - selfless people helping out others.

“You are Cork. You’re pure sound. Legend. Thank you.”

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