€1m of road, public-order fines amassed in Cork in 2020

€1m of road, public-order fines amassed in Cork in 2020

Picture: Eddie O'Hare

MORE than €1m has been taken in so far this year in fines for road-traffic and public-order offences in Cork.

Up to the end of July, fines imposed in the Cork City garda division netted €455,165, while €383,450 was secured in Cork North and €231,060 in Cork West.

Among the offences were speeding, drink driving, parking, use of hand-held mobile phones, and cycling offences.

There were 1,340 detections for use of hand-held mobile phones across the three Cork divisions.

For using your phone while driving, there is a fixed charge of €60 and three penalty points. This increases to a fixed charge of €90, and five penalty points, if it goes to court because of non-payment.

The Road Safety Authority regularly runs a campaign against driving while using a hand-held device.

In January, The Echo revealed that 2,904 people were caught for using a hand-held mobile phone in Cork City and County.

A range of cycling offences came under the fixed-charge penalty scheme in 2015, including lack of a front or rear light during light-up hours; riding a bicycle without reasonable consideration; failure to stop at red lights, and cycling in a pedestrianised area.

The fine is €40 if paid within the first 28 days of the offence. This rises to €60 if not paid. If the second fine is not paid, the offence will be taken to court.

In Cork City, there were 13 pedal cycles fines between January 1 and July 31, along with two each in Cork North and Cork West.

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