'If you thought you'd get away with this, think again': County councillor reports person for littering 

'If you thought you'd get away with this, think again': County councillor reports person for littering 

Cllr John Paul O'Shea said he will be reporting the person who disposed of this rubbish illegally to Cork County Council's littering department.

A Cork County councillor has reported an individual to the council's Anti Litter Unit after discovering a receipt amongst the illegally disposed of rubbish.

Fine Gael councillor John Paul O'Shea took to social media last night to share pictures of discarded fast food containers and packets of condiments strewn across a public road in Lombardstown.

He discovered the rubbish whilst on a walk in his locality yesterday evening.

"Some clown decided to buy himself/herself a feast, eat it in the car and dispose of the remaining contents along the public road without any regard for our countryside," Mr O'Shea tweeted.

"It will give me the utmost of pleasure to pass these details onto Cork County Council Anti Litter Unit tomorrow who I hope will locate this clown and issue him/her with a whopper of a fine.

"If you were in Dinos on 30/08/20, and thought you'd get away with this, think again! 

"Keep an eye out for the postman delivering the fine.

"He/She will be learning the hard way how dear a takeaway will be fairly fast," he added. 

Picture credit: Cllr John Paul O'Shea
Picture credit: Cllr John Paul O'Shea

Speaking to The Echo Mr O'Shea said the discovery of the receipt in amongst the discarded fast food containers will most likely enable litter wardens to discover the identity of the person. 

"The receipt is traceable back to the location of where the person bought the takeaway. 

"I passed it onto the litter warden this morning. 

"I met them personally and passed over what I found. 

"They were very quick off the mark and photographed everything," he said.

"They will go back to the shop and look at the CCTV.

"It's a considerable amount of work for the litter wardens. 

"We’re very lucky to have the services of county council’s Anti Litter Unit," he continued. 

Mr O'Shea said it is disheartening to think that people can act so selfishly in treating their environment this way. 

"I’m just baffled that someone could go so far away for a takeaway and then eat it and then not take the remains of it home and dispose of it properly," he said. 

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