Cork people warned to limit contacts as county sees sharp increase in Covid-19 cases 

Cork people warned to limit contacts as county sees sharp increase in Covid-19 cases 

A graph from the Department of Public Health in Cork shows a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases in the county. The red circle indicates the trend since 15 September.

People in Cork have been urged to limit their contacts as the county sees a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases.

In a video message to the people of Cork, Acting Director of Public Health, Dr Anne Sheahan said that by working together it is possible to bring the virus under control.

Dr Sheahan addressed the “worrying” increase in numbers of cases currently in Cork, and particularly in the city over the last ten to 12 days.

The Acting Director of Public Health appealed particularly to young people and young adults and asked for everyone to restrict and reduce their number of social contacts and not to be afraid of leaving gatherings or locations where people are not adhering to public health guidelines.

"Restrict and reduce your amount of social contacts," she said.

"For example, if you walk into a pub or a restaurant today - you're going out with a few of your friends - and you walk in and you see that people are not social distancing, they are not doing what they should do, then it's perfectly ok to say 'I'm not staying here' and to leave.

"I think that's very important," she said.

Dr Sheahan also called on the people of Cork to contact their GPs even when they are experiencing mild symptoms and if advised to get a Covid-19 test, they should limit their movements until they receive the results.

“Small practices like that will make a huge impact on us bringing the level of those cases back down to where we had them to almost zero,” she said.

“Working together, all of us together, the people of Cork, we can bring this virus under control.”

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