Plans to set up Covid testing centre at Cork Airport

Plans to set up Covid testing centre at Cork Airport

Cork Airport.

The daa is considering establishing a pre-departure Covid-19 testing centre at Cork airport.

The airport authority has confirmed that it has been discussing a proposal for pre-departure testing with a number of Government departments and State agencies.

While the airport authority has made the pre-departure test proposal, any decision around how testing will actually be operated will be decided by the Government.

Under the daa proposal, passengers from high-risk locations could prove they have tested negative for coronavirus before travelling here, and Irish outbound passengers could take a pre-departure test for any countries that require it for Irish originating traffic.

Tests would be taken less than 72 hours before departure.

A spokesperson for the daa told the Echo that the Authority has spoken to more than 20 potential specialist independent providers which could operate a Covid-19 screening facility at both Cork and Dublin airports for these pre-departure tests, which could also be taken at other accredited facilities in Ireland.

“The new airport-based facilities could be in place by mid-October when the new EU ‘traffic light’ travel framework is due to be introduced,” the daa spokesperson said.

Earlier today, the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA) called for the development and implementation of routine Covid-19 testing for passengers boarding flights out of the country, as an alternative to quarantine measures upon arrival at their destination.

“We expect that there would be certain challenges involved in integrating these kinds of tests into the travel process; however we believe that this method is worth implementing in order to restore consumer confidence in international travel. 

"It is essential that a global standard is developed and maintained for these tests so that all relevant parties can adhere to testing protocols,” said ITAA CEO and owner of Cork-based Dawson Travel, Pat Dawson.

“The current travel restrictions provide no relief to either inbound or outbound travel, which will have a knock on effect on the Irish travel industry well into the future. We believe that with the introduction of these testing measures, we will be able to restore a level of consumer confidence and begin to rebuild our industry. 

"Irish people love to travel; as soon as it is declared safe to travel again we believe that consumer confidence will be restored. Until that happens, we must look into alternative measures to ensure that passengers have a safe and comfortable journey.”

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