Project in honour of refugees who died crossing the Mediterranean launched in Cork

Project in honour of refugees who died crossing the Mediterranean launched in Cork

The exhibition will feature a 5ft woeven willow heart by Joe Hogan, pictured here at Lough an Fooney

A unique creative project will be displayed in Cork City this week, in honour of the 40,555 plus refugees who have died while crossing the Mediterranean.

Croíneamh will present a collection of work, including the installation of the 60ft mural on Sullivan’s Quay, inviting citizens of Cork to show solidarity with the refugees who have attempted to cross the Mediterranean in search of a new life.

The project will also include an exhibition, combining the work of a number of different artists and seeks to empower the people of Cork to lobby for change.

Cork artist Debbie Dawson got involved with the project and created new work in response to the refugee crisis.

“Artists constantly challenge and provoke and hopefully in some way through the work manage to raise awareness of pertinent issues like this. In my own work I sometimes deal with subject matters of loss and absence so this crisis really spoke to me,” said Ms Dawson.

“I have made three new glass pieces. Two of them depict turbulent, almost violent seascapes which are presented on low lying light boxes forcing the viewer to look down as if looking into the ocean.

“The third piece I engraved over 300 small pieces of glass with five notches or tally marks as you would if you were marking or counting off days. These are to represent or symbolise the sheer volume of lives lost,” said Ms Dawson.

The project will also feature the work of another Cork artist Peader Lamb, along with Galway’s Joe Hogan who has constructed a 5ft woven willow heart as part of the exhibition.

Croíneamh will include new work by the artists, along with original compositions by Lisa Hannigan and Sam Perkin.

Access to the gallery can be booked at

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