Local community “delighted” with plans for Crosshaven boatyard

Local community “delighted” with plans for Crosshaven boatyard

Pearse Flynn pictured at the Crosshaven Boatyard in Cork. Mr Flynn has established a new company called Green Rebel Marine to service the future needs of offshore wind farms and announced plans to create 80 new jobs. The company has also acquired Crosshaven Boatyard in County Cork.

Locals in Crosshaven have expressed their delight after a Cork businessman announced 80 new jobs for the area with a new venture that will establish offshore wind farms across Ireland, starting with the Cork village.

Pease Flynn and Green Rebel Marine announced yesterday that they have acquired Crosshaven Boatyard as the base for the new project that aims to address the future needs for offshore windfarms.

The site in Crosshaven will be utilised to equip, service and survey a network of wind farms planned for off the coast of Ireland, while the boatyard will remain as a boatyard- much to the delight of locals.

Green Rebel Marine will create 80 new jobs in Crosshaven within the next 18 months.

Crosshaven native and local Councillor Audrey Buckley welcomed the news of the purchase of the nine acres.

“I think it’s fantastic for the area,” she said.

“Especially because it’s all to do with the boats and the water and that’s what Crosshaven is all about so, it’s fantastic to see that and especially with wind turbine research capabilities,” she said.

Cllr. Buckley also noted the potential that will be created for the area.

“Crosshaven is a beautiful area and it’s just huge for the area so, it’s just onwards and upwards from here and it’s just great to develop that area,” she added.

Noel Condon, a member of Crosshaven Tourism, described the news as “fierce exciting” and, like many locals, he is especially happy to hear that the boatyard will remain.

“Prior to the sale of the boatyard, a lot of people were anxious, especially the yacht club and that because we’d have nowhere to haul boats or store boats, so that side of it being kept is just huge for Crosshaven,” he said.

Mr Condon also said that with current Covid-19 restrictions, the new jobs will bring some confidence to local businesses who have recently re-opened their doors to the public.

“It’s a huge confidence boost in the area and especially when you have public houses that have spent and awful lot of money re-opening."

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic.”

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