Mallow Search and Rescue joins in search for missing Fungie the dolphin

Mallow Search and Rescue joins in search for missing Fungie the dolphin

Fungie the Dingle dolphin photographed a few weeks ago. Pic; Graham Murphy

Mallow Search and Rescue have responded to a request for assistance in the search for Fungie at Dingle Harbour over the weekend.

The unit was contacted on Saturday evening by Dingle boatmen.

Happy to oblige, the team conducted side scan sonar searches and divers searched the coves and inlets where Fungie would normally be seen.

Following the search, there was nothing to report and the unit hoped for the dolphin’s safe return.

Dingle Sea Safari said that after the extensive search involving Mallow Search and Rescue divers, Dingle Coast and Cliff Rescue and Dingle Dolphin Tour boats, along with other vessels, that there was “unfortunately” no news on Fungie’s whereabouts.

In a post to social media, Dingle Sea Safari said: “At this stage we are calling off the search in the hopes that Fungie has just gone off on an adventure and if he so chooses will one day return to us.

“We can’t thank Mallow Search and Rescue enough for trying to locate our dear friend and as they say no news is good news.” 

Fungie has been interacting with humans at Dingle Harbour since 1983.

The male common bottlenose dolphin has continued to seek out human contact almost 40 years later, interacting playfully with swimmers, surfers, kayakers and divers in the water.

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