Cork councillor: Curtailing off-licence hours would be ‘bonkers’

Cork councillor: Curtailing off-licence hours would be ‘bonkers’

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“BONKERS” and “impractical” is how a Cork City councillor has described the suggestion that off-licences should have their hours curtailed to curb house parties during level three.

Fine Gael’s Des Cahill said he thought implementing restrictions on off-licences would only stop the purchase of alcohol from one source and said people are just as likely to buy a slab of beer in a supermarket as a designated alcohol store.

“It makes no sense from a practical point of view to specifically target off licences. Do you include supermarkets, mini markets, and wine bars? It is peculiar to single out one section.”

Mr Cahill said there are existing laws around house parties and 95% of the population will adhere to the rules, as they always do.

“ I don’t think they have changed the laws for the gardaí to do anything about it, that needs to be changed first, before they do anything else.

“Common sense needs to prevail, and there needs to be some power there if commonsense doesn’t prevail. But, shutting down some places?

“Either come out and ban alcohol and blame alcohol but the idea that you are changing or separating retail outlets doesn’t make sense at all. Where do you draw the line?”

Mr Cahill said the suggestions, that originally stemmed from a Fine Gael parliamentary party meeting held online on Tuesday evening, didn’t make sense.

“I think they should empower the gardaí to do what they need to do.”

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