Cork's Green party Councillors speak out following spate of party resignations

Cork's Green party Councillors speak out following spate of party resignations

Cllr. Oliver Moran who has been selected by the Green Party as a candidate for the Cork North Central byelection in Cork.

IN a week which has seen another blow to the Green Party with the resignation of high profile party member Lorna Bogue, one Green Party councillor in Cork City Council has said younger people in the party feel "maligned". 

On Tuesday Ms Bogue said she had "little confidence" in the ability of Green Party cabinet ministers.

In a statement issued to The Echo, Ms Bogue indicated that the party's handling of the controversial Mother and Baby Homes Bill was the final straw for her. She also claimed there was "active hostility" towards women in the party.

Ms Bogue will now act as an Independent councillor within Cork City Council, but says that she will still work with Green Party city councillors, and thanked them for their support.

In the wake of Ms Bogue’s resignation, Green Party councillor for Cork City North East Oliver Moran said he's "very worried" about the inter-generational relationships within the party.

"This time last year, the UCC Greens were the largest political society on campus. This year they couldn't fulfil the minimum requirements to be a society. They feted people like Lorna and Saoirse McHugh,” he said.

"Last Monday, the Just Transition Greens hosted a 'Re-gathering' meeting after the spate of resignations from the Green Party the week before.

"The Just Transition Greens includes both members and non-members, including people who were never members of the party.

"What I came away thinking was the problem was not about differences over party leader, or being in government, or anything to do with ideology. Those are differences that exist in every party.

"Contrary to what people sometimes imagine, parties aren't homogeneous places. They are always places of differences of opinion. The hurt was relational. It's not that this cohort feel different. It's that they feel maligned,” he said.

"There must be a deep rediscovery of that to undo what a cohort of very important members are feeling,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Green Party councillor for Cork City South West Colette Finn said she was not surprised by Ms Bogue’s decision to resign from the party as she was "very much against...our memberships decision to go into Government. 

"I think communication on the Mother and Baby Homes issue has been very problematic to say the least. I don't understand how this was handled the way it was but we are where we are,” she continued.

Ms Finn indicated that further resignations from the party could be likely."I think those people who were against us being in Government will leave. I'm sorry to see them go because they are very bright committed people,” she said.

"I would hope that we can continue to pursue a progressive green agenda inside or outside the Green Party. I will work to achieve as much of that as I can on Cork City Council,” she continued.

Meanwhile, Green Party councillor for Cork South Central Dan Boyle said resigning from the party has never been something that has considered.

"I believe the Greens to be the same progressive, open, tolerant and inclusive party I joined over thirty years ago," he said.

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