Calls to protect historic Cork bridge from HGVs

Calls to protect historic Cork bridge from HGVs

John Barleycorn Bridge, Glanmire.

A local councillor has said that traffic gridlock in Glanmire could be avoided if Cork City Council erects signage to prevent trucks from driving over a historic bridge that is not suitable for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

Independent Councillor Ger Keohane has renewed calls for Cork City Council to put measures in place to divert HGVs away from the historical bridge known locally as the John Barleycorn.

Drivers of articulated trucks are said to be causing “gridlock” when crossing the bridge which is not wide enough for two lanes of traffic.

Truck drivers, however, are being directed to use it via navigation systems in order to access an industrial estate in Brooklodge.

Calls to erect signage first came last year but Mr Keohane said that the sign in place at the bridge is “no use” as truck drivers are already at the bridge before they see the sign.

John Barleycorn Bridge, Glanmire.
John Barleycorn Bridge, Glanmire.

He is now calling for larger signs on all approach roads to the bridge to give drivers ample warning not to approach the bridge and to use the main Hazelwood Road to get to the East side of Glanmire.

“Unfortunately these HGVs are doing serious damage but drivers are not warned on time not to approach the bridge because by the time they see it they are already on the bridge,” he said.

Mr Keohane said that a truck recently became stuck on the bridge after passing the sign, an occurrence which has been “causing ongoing chaos” in the area.

He said it “couldn't reverse back and couldn't go forward and there were other cars on the bridge also. The bridge is historic and it's being damaged by these vehicles trying to pull in as far as they can and knocking stones off.

“I’m renewing my calls for proper signage again. With everything that's going on I know there are other things to be dealing with, but there is traffic chaos in the area because of this and it is a heritage issue also trying to save the bridge,” he said.

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