Suspended sentence for man who threatened another man who came to aid woman in distress

Suspended sentence for man who threatened another man who came to aid woman in distress

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A neighbour who came to the assistance of a lady in distress found himself being threatened that he would have his throat cut and had to run around a parked car to keep away from his attacker.

Detective Garda Gary Costello outlined the background to the case against John Campion, 31, with an address at Seán Moylan Park, Mallow, County Cork, when it came before Cork Circuit Criminal Court for sentencing.

Campion admitted charges of threatening to kill three people, producing a knife, assaulting one man outside his home and assaulting Garda Brendan Corry.

One of the injured parties, Petru Munteanu, came out of his house to find a neighbour looking for help as she was punched and kicked on the ground by John Campion, Det. Garda Costello said.

When Mr Munteanu intervened to protect her, John Campion returned to his house and got a large kitchen knife.

The injured woman, who was not referred to in the charges against Campion, hid in Mr Munteanu’s house.

“Mr Campion chased Mr Munteanu around a car parked on the street. Mr Campion was threatening to cut his throat. Mr Campion could not get to him and he caused damage to two cars,” the detective said.

Two other men who arrived on the scene were also threatened by Campion that he would cut their throats.

Barrister, Donal O’Sullivan, said, “All witnesses said of Mr Campion that he was clearly out of it at the time.” 

Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin said, “These were very significant threats made to Mr Munteanu. Mr Campion was in possession of a knife which he was threatening to use.

“Mr Munteanu was clearly trying to help a lady being kicked and punched by the defendant. At the time he was in a delirium from an excess of drugs.

“That is the background. It is of note that he went in to in-patient treatment at Teach Mhuire where he has done very well. He had active addiction problems at the time. He has kept them at bay.” 

The judge said the defendant had made sufficient progress in this regard to enable the judge to impose a fully suspended three-year sentence.

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