Cork Cancer Care Centre delivers more than 23,000 'Blankets of Hope'

Cork Cancer Care Centre delivers more than 23,000 'Blankets of Hope'

One volunteer, Marie McCarthy has knitted 40 teddies to go to sick children, and the children of cancer patients across Ireland in the coming months.

Cork Cancer Care Centre has delivered over 23,000 'Blankets of Hope' to cancer patients across Ireland since September as a reminder to “keep fighting”.

'Blankets of Hope' was set up in an attempt to provide warmth and comfort to Irish people undergoing chemotherapy. 

Recently the demand for the blankets has "exploded," with people from across Ireland and abroad knitting for the cause, and since September, over 23,345 blankets have been sent out to men, women and children across Ireland.

One volunteer recently also knitted 40 teddies for the Cork Cancer Care Centre to be given to sick children and the children of people with cancer across Ireland. 

For those who receive them, the blankets offer so much more than physical comfort.

“It means so much to people," said Linda Goggin-James, General Manager of Cork Cancer Care Centre.

"The calls we get from people who receive them- it’s just the fact that someone they never met made a blanket for you because they wanted you to feel better and they were thinking of you on your journey.

“A lot of knitters might put a heart on it, or a ribbon on it for cancer or little messages on it to tell people to keep going, to keep fighting and to let them know that there are people there thinking of you," she said. 

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