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Health inspectors said the the wok station in the kitchen of a Cork restaurant was full of stagnant water and old food debris. 
Health inspectors said the the wok station in the kitchen of a Cork restaurant was full of stagnant water and old food debris. 

Youghal restaurant closed after a dirty and disused oven was used to store food

A restaurant in Cork city was ordered to close because health inspectors found staff were wearing dirty uniforms, a wok station was full of stagnant water and old food debris and the same containers are used for raw and cooked foods such as chicken and beef.

China City on Thomas Davis Street in Blackpool was one of two Cork restaurants served with closure orders in August for breaches of food safety legislation. 

The Enforcement Orders were issued by environmental health officers in the Health Service Executive (HSE).

Amongst the issues found by inspectors was: 

- The wok station in the kitchen was full of stagnant water and old food debris 

- There were large accumulations of grease, dirt and old food debris underneath the cooking equipment in the kitchen 

- The trolley that was holding a container of raw chicken in the walk in cold room had rust present on it 

- The rear yard had accumulations of dirt, bags of waste, cardboard boxes and trollies throughout leading to potential harbourage for pests 

- The chef was unsure of which chemical was to be used for sanitising surfaces within the kitchen

- The same containers are used for raw and cooked foods such as chicken and beef 

- Uncovered raw meats were stored next to and near other uncovered foods such as onions and other vegetables

- The protective clothing worn by food handlers during the inspection were noted to be in a dirty and worn condition.

A second Cork restaurant, New Kebabish on Main Street in Youghal was also served with a closure notice.

Inspectors noted a number of issues including:

- There was no hot water supply provided for the staff toilet wash hand basin to allow staff to wash their hands hygienically after using the toilet.

- A disused oven that was being used to store food ingredients was ingrained with old food debris and grease.

- The chill hold display unit in the front preparation kitchen where perishable food was being stored had a water leak and when the door to the unit was opened water was noted spilling onto the floor

Dr Pamela Byrne, Chief Executive, FSAI emphasised that compliance with food safety and hygiene regulations should be of the highest priority for all food businesses.

“Filthy conditions, unhygienic practices and a lack of adequate pest control measures being in place are the main reasons for this month’s Closure Orders."

"It is essential that food businesses have a strong food safety and hygiene culture in their business, which can be achieved through ongoing training of all members of their team. Food safety inspectors are continuing to encounter basic errors being made by food businesses which are easily avoidable.”

“Closure Orders are served on food businesses only when a risk to consumer health has been identified or where there are a number of ongoing breaches of food legislation, and that largely tends to relate to serious and grave hygiene or other operational issues."