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10-year-old Rian was surprised by the Cork emergency services today with a special convoy outside his house.
10-year-old Rian was surprised by the Cork emergency services today with a special convoy outside his house.

Watch: Emergency services go 'above and beyond' to surprise Cork boy on his birthday

Emergency services in Cork have gone "above and beyond the call of duty" to surprise a 10-year-old boy on his birthday.

Rian from Cork turns 10 today, but Gardaí say he "hasn't been feeling well lately".

Outside of his house ahead of the big surprise, Rian admitted he hadn't a clue what was about to happen.

To celebrate the special occasion local Gardaí and firefighters drove past his house with their sirens on.

Rian was also virtually joined by his school friends, who were on a video call to witness the incredible surprise.

Later, the emergency services sang 'Happy Birthday' from a safe distance from Rian's house.

In a statement on social media, Gardaí said the special surprise was intended to cheer Rian up, who has been feeling unwell recently.

"We're not the greatest of singers, but we do our best! 

"Rian from Cork is 10 years old today but hasn't been feeling well lately. 

"To cheer him up the emergency services gathered at a safe distance outside to sing happy birthday to him."

Gardaí also promised Rian a walk around his neighbourhood with the garda dog when the Covid-19 pandemic is over. 

On social media members of the public lauded the emergency services for their efforts.

"Above and beyond the call of duty, fair play. Happy birthday, Rian, you won't forget this birthday," one person commented.