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N40 South Ring Road eastbound traffic congestionPic Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision
N40 South Ring Road eastbound traffic congestionPic Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Traffic congestion: Councillor told City Hall does not compile accident data for South Ring

ROAD collisions on the N40 between the Dunkettle Interchange and the Kinsale Road roundabout should be collated by the city council in order to manage Cork’s growing traffic congestion problems, a councillor has urged.

A number of collisions in the area in recent months have caused morning rush hour gridlock on several occasions.

Green Party representative Dan Boyle has said the local authority should log instances of accidents in order to provide real-time data so traffic issues can be addressed. He asked the council for details regarding the number of crashes on the N40 between the two locations so far in 2019.

However, he has been told that city council does not compile the information as the N40 is a national road and the latest available statistics from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) are from 2017.

Mr Boyle said: “I find it disappointing that we don’t have any statistics for the amount of collisions that take place on the Southern Ring Road.

“There have been several collisions over the course of the last month that caused gridlock throughout the city and I think some real-time information might help the council plan forward.

N40 South Ring Road eastbound traffic congestionPic Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision
N40 South Ring Road eastbound traffic congestion
Pic Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

“Given the number of such incidents that have happened, what is the overall city council policy on this? Are we depending too much on changes to the Dunkettle Interchange? It’s a problem of traffic volume and traffic direction.” 

 However, City Hall director of operations Valerie O’Sullivan told Mr Boyle that he was directing his questions at the “wrong authority”.

“The RSA is responsible for the compilation of data. That is not under our remit. We too would like to see real-time information but it’s not our responsibility to compile and publish it.

“In relation to the Dunkettle Interchange, of course, we work hand-in-glove with the organisations responsible to ensure that what is proposed to be delivered is in the bests interests of the city but it is a national road,” Ms O’Sullivan added.

Mr Boyle responded that accident data is logged by Cork City Fire Brigade, which is a service provided by the city council, and the council should be able to access that.

Ms O’Sullivan said: “Of course our fire service logs its activity”.