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FAIR CITY: An embittered Sean tangles with the law
FAIR CITY: An embittered Sean tangles with the law
FAIR CITY: An embittered Sean tangles with the law

Soaps for week ahead

Coronation Street, UTV Ireland

Jason receives the bad news that his dad, Tony, has been found dead in his flat after a suspected heart attack. He struggles to cope with his grief, lashing out at those around him and later admitting to Phelan he feels lost without his father. Phelan uses the Grimshaw family’s distress to worm his way into their household, but Todd is determined to keep an eye on him, having realised he isn’t the white knight Eileen seems to think he is. Will tells Michelle he and Saskia have split up, but she insists she loves Steve and won’t leave him.

EastEnders, RTE1/BBC1

Phil reacts badly after seeing Ben sharing a public kiss with Paul, while Denise is upset to learn that Libby is pregnant but isn’t keeping the baby. So when the two disgruntled parents later find themselves drowning their sorrows at The Albert, it isn’t long before one thing lends to another... The next morning, Denise is relieved to realise that Phil was too drunk to remember their night of passion, and hopes she can put the whole sordid episode behind her. However, that becomes trickier when she realises she left her necklace at the Mitchells’.

Emmerdale, UTV Ireland

Lisa’s angina attack leads to heartache for Belle as Dr Bailey makes a house call — and spots a picture of his girlfriend in her school uniform. The teenager is devastated to realise that Bailey has discovered her real age, but she’s not about to end their fling without a fight, and she later makes the doctor squirm by chatting to his oblivious wife. However, it’s when she asks Charity for advice on extracting revenge on a married lover that Bailey should really start worrying.

Fair City

Debbie insists she and Tommy return to normality. Jackie’s offer increases Debbie’s unhappiness with Eoghan. Niamh is concerned at Sean’s growing discontent, who clashes with Deegan and also has to deal with the aftermath of being arrested. The 1916 re-enactment doesn’t go according to plan. Emmet attempts to get back in with Robbie but will he get his job back? Cass’s plan to cheer up Ray goes wrong. After spending the night with Tommy, Debbie has a reality check and is left frustrated when their perfect day does not go to plan

Red Rock, TV3

Nikki makes an explosive discovery in the search for Brian’s whereabouts, sending shockwaves throughout the whole of Red Rock. As everyone in the station comes to terms with the sudden development, it appears as though Sharon has been hit hardest by the unexpected revelation. Having spent weeks as the prime target of Brian’s torment, Sharon’s life has been slowly destroyed in Brian’s manipulative efforts to redeem himself and get his life back. Clearly shaken by the turn of events, it comes as no surprise when Nikki questions Sharon’s ability to remain on the job. Adrijan has a scary confrontation.