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Keith Greaney was beaten and set on fire at his home in Mayfield.
Keith Greaney was beaten and set on fire at his home in Mayfield.

Sister of man attacked and set on fire pleads for leniency on theft offences to become his carer

The sister of the young man who was recently doused in petrol and set alight in his home appealed to a judge not to jail her for shoplifting where she reversed a car into two security men.

Judge Olann Kelleher said Sandra Greaney, aged 29, was at risk of jail today for an organised theft and careless driving where the security men “could have been killed.” 

Defence solicitor, Joseph Cuddigan, said the young woman would become the primary carer for her brother as she was the last one left in her family with her brother, Keith Greaney, aged 23, who is still in hospital after sustaining critical injuries in the assault and fire attack.

“She has had a troubled life in a very short period. Her mother, father and brother all committed suicide.

“She became addicted to Benzodiazepines. In 2013 she went to Coolmine (rehabilitation centre) for 18 months,” Mr Cuddigan said.

The scene of the attack on Keith GreaneyCredit: Damian Coleman
The scene of the attack on Keith Greaney
Credit: Damian Coleman

Sergeant Gearóid Davis said the shoplifting offence occurred last year when Sandra Greaney went to the store at Penney’s in Wilton and rolled out a trolley full of goods with a total value of €678 out to the car park on February 23, 2019.

She went out to a car and loaded up the goods. 

Two security officers stood behind the car and she reversed the car towards them.

Judge Kelleher referred to the risk posed to the lives of the security officers who were only doing their jobs.

Mr Cuddigan stressed that they were not injured by Sandra Greaney’s careless driving.

Judge Kelleher imposed a six-month suspended sentence on the accused in respect of the theft and careless driving and disqualified her from driving for one year.

Mr Cuddigan said the accused had been doing better in her life since she moved away from the city. The address on her charges was of Riverview, Doneraile, Cork.

It has been widely reported that 23-year-old Keith Greaney was attacked by three men in his home at Dunard in Mayfield in Cork at about 4am on Monday, January 20. 

Three men broke into the house and attacked the father of three young children, with a machete before dousing him in petrol and set him alight in front of his partner. 

Mr Greaney was taken by ambulance to Cork University Hospital where doctors treated him for severe burns to his head and chest.