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IE LIVE NEWS 13/11/2013 ... Taking part in the Life Style Sports Run in the Dark in Cork city. Picture: Denis Minihane.
IE LIVE NEWS 13/11/2013 ... Taking part in the Life Style Sports Run in the Dark in Cork city. Picture: Denis Minihane.

Road closures in the city tomorrow for Run in the Dark event

Over 2,000 people will take to the streets of Cork tomorrow night for Mark Pollock’s Run in the Dark event, which will take place simultaneously, in 50 cities across the globe.

The sold-out Cork event will see athletes running, jogging and walking a 2.5km route which starts and finishes on Patrick Street.

The runners will complete the route, twice for 5km and four times to complete 10km.

The race kicks off at 9pm from Patrick Street and follows a route along Grand Parade, onto South Mall, turning left onto Maylor Street, then right on Patrick Street, bringing you along the quays.

Runners will then make their way down Lavitts Quay before turning onto North Main Street and up Washington Street.

Heading off at Run in the Dark 2018 in Cork City. Picture Dan Linehan
Heading off at Run in the Dark 2018 in Cork City. Picture Dan Linehan

All streets will be manned by Gardaí and volunteers and barriers will be used to separate cars from the athletes.

Gardai have warned there will be a number of road closures and motorists are advised to avoid the city where possible.

The following roads will be closed from 8.15pm to 10.30pm to facilitate the event: St. Patricks Street, Drawbridge Street, Academy Street, Peter & Paul's Place, Daunt Square, Grand Parade Southbound, Oliver Plunkett Street, Beasly Street, Smith Street, Crane Lane, Pembroke Street, Morgan Street, Cook Street, Marlboro Street, Princes Street, Maylor Street, Half Moon Street, Perry Street, Cornmarket Street, North Main Street, Adelaide Street, Castle Street, Liberty Street, Washington Street inbound from the junction of South Main Street 

As well as this, the following lane restrictions will be in place: Merchants Quay, South Mall, Lavitt’s Quay, Kyrl’s Quay, Christy Ring Bridge 

There will also be disruption to bus services and people are advised to check the Bus Eireann website for details.

A bag drop is being facilitated by the Clayton Hotel, Cork City and bags are accepted up to 8.45pm.

Mark Pollock, who set up the international charity event nine years ago, to pursue his personal mission to cure paralysis in our lifetime.

Mark Pollock at Alma Mater Trinity College Dublin.http://www.runinthedark.org/ facebook @Runinthedarkofficial, Twitter @TheRunintheDark and Instagram @TheRuninthedark.
Mark Pollock at Alma Mater Trinity College Dublin.
http://www.runinthedark.org/ facebook @Runinthedarkofficial, Twitter @TheRunintheDark and Instagram @TheRuninthedark.

Funds also support Mark to deal with the ongoing physical, psychological and financial impact of his own catastrophic spinal cord injury.

For more information log onto https://www.runinthedark.org/5km-or-10-km-in-cork/