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Vandals threw paint at Councillor Des Cahill's poster, located outside his home.
Vandals threw paint at Councillor Des Cahill's poster, located outside his home.

Local Election candidate Des Cahill has posters vandalised

Former Lord Mayor and Fine Gael councillor Des Cahill was the subject to vandalism on Thursday night when paint was thrown on his posters outside his home.

Last night vandals had painted over several of the councillor’s posters and threw a tin of paint over a poster outside the councillor’s home.

The Fine Gael candidate is concerned due to the attack on his home specifically, which happened while he and his family were sleeping. 

“While I may be a candidate, there is also a family behind me. Attacks on me are attacks on my family. Whatever issues you may have you should respect the democratic form and the democratic process. Attacking posters and specifically targeting my house isn’t democracy and I would ask them to reflect on that."

“So I do accept that an element of vandalism takes place for posters and lots of it can be humorous but this to me is a bit more cynical.”

A tin of paint was left outside Mr Cahill’s home and Gardaí are currently investigating the tin for fingerprints, treating the vandalism as criminal damage.

riminal damage.