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Job fears as VMware to relocate section to Spain

One of Cork's biggest employers VMware has confirmed they are closing one of their departments based in Ballincollig relocating the work in Barcelona.

The tech company, which set up in Ballincollig in 2005, said their Inside Sales processes, currently based in Cork and Milton Keynes, UK will be consolidated into a single location in Spain.

The company would not say how many staff are currently employed in the division or how many would be impacted by the closure but said they were looking to minimise job losses with redeployment within the company and also relocation for employees who wish to move with the company to Barcelona.

VMware provides cloud and virtualisation software and services. It opened in Barrack Square, Ballincollig, in 2005 with 10 staff and has grown significantly since then. The company is a subsidiary of Dell.

In a statement released to the Evening Echo, the company said: “VMware is focused on industry-leading products and services.

“In order to deliver the best possible customer sales experience, we are creating an end-to-end Digital Sales Centre for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

“As part of this, Inside Sales processes, currently based in Cork, Ireland, and Milton Keynes, UK will be consolidated into a single location in Barcelona.” The company said the decision was made following a “thorough strategic review” and the management team has already begun the process of “collective consultation” for impacted employees in both locations.

“Our priority is to reduce the number of impacted employees by identifying any available redeployment opportunities within VMware and also by exploring relocation for employees who wish to apply for the roles that will be created in Barcelona.” Fianna Fáil Councillor Daithí O' Donnabháin said he was very concerned by the move, describing VMware as an “anchor company” in Ballincollig that has garnered further success in the suburb.

Mr O' Donnabháin said he had friends likely to be affected by the department closure and they were in a state of shock and turmoil.

“It is very concerning, I think we should get the IDA involved and the Minister for Jobs Heather Humphreys to see what we can do.” "Maybe if there was an intervention we could keep these jobs in Cork.” 

The Fianna Fáil Councillor said that he would hope they could work with the company to iron out any issues they may be having.

Mr O’Donnobhain also said that if the issue was something like a housing shortage that he would hope the company would highlight the issue so that it could be addressed.

“I would hope if it was a specific issue that they would say it. We need to know what the tangible issues are. They need to let us know what the issue is.”