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The rubbish outside Ellis Yard.
The rubbish outside Ellis Yard.

Five alleged fly tippers identified in illegally dumped Cork rubbish

Five alleged fly-tippers have been identified through evidence discovered in 1.6 tonnes of domestic waste dumped at Spring Lane last week.

Cork City Council workers sifted through the waste to discover personal items and correspondence in over 70 bags of rubbish that were dumped at the entrance to the halting site on April 16 just metres from the notorious illegal dump at Ellis’s Yard which was recently been the subject of a massive €53,000 clean-up.

The Echo has learned that a white van was seen by witnesses in the area on the night of the dumping incident and may have belonged to an illegal waste collector who sought payment from households to dispose of their rubbish.

The van which was caught on camera being used to dump rubbish just yards from the Ellis's Yard illegal dump which was recently cleaned up at a cost of €53,000 to taxpayers. Rob McNamara Story.
The van which was caught on camera being used to dump rubbish just yards from the Ellis's Yard illegal dump which was recently cleaned up at a cost of €53,000 to taxpayers. Rob McNamara Story.
A spokesperson for City Hall’s environment directorate told The Echo: “On the 16th of April 2019, Cork City Council staff were alerted to a load of illegally dumped material along the Junction of the Ballyvolane Road and Spring Lane Access Road.

“Cork City Council deployed a crew to clean up the road along with litter wardens to investigate the waste and 1.6 tonnes of waste was removed to an authorised site.

“Evidence was recovered from the waste through the investigative work which has led to the issuing of five litter fines.

“Cork City Council is continually monitoring the area,” they added.

Local councillor Ken O’Flynn (FF) said he would like to see the dumpers pursued through the courts.

“With Ellis’s Yard and Spring Lane, we should be sending out a very strong message and prosecuting dumpers to the absolute letter of the law. I would be happy to see people named, shamed and prosecuted through the justice system, rather than being issued with simple fines.

“Anybody that is dumping in our public realm is not a friend of Cork city and should be treated as such,” he added.

Mick Nugent (SF) said new litter bylaws which place strict conditions on domestic waste disposal need to be followed through.

“Groups that are working with families on Spring Lane are saying that prosecutions of those that are dumping there would be welcomed.

“We also need to look at stronger sanctions for repeat offenders and maybe publishing photographs. Some people just pay the fine and that’s it, we need to strictly enforce the new litter bylaws to have a real impact.

“Occasionally you’ll have a householder who has taken someone’s word that they are a legit waste collector and we have to factor that in but repeat offenders should maybe have their names published,” he added.