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Thousands of euro worth of perfumes were targeted by a Cork man for fast re-sale in a desperate effort to make some money
Thousands of euro worth of perfumes were targeted by a Cork man for fast re-sale in a desperate effort to make some money

Cork man jailed for eight months for theft of perfume worth €3k

THOUSANDS of euro worth of perfumes were targeted by a Cork man for fast re-sale in a desperate effort to make some money — and yesterday he was jailed for eight months.

Edward Collins, aged 27, with an address at Orrery Road, Gurranabraher, Cork, pleaded guilty to multiple counts of theft yesterday at Cork District Court.

Sergeant John Kelleher said Collins went to Debenhams on Patrick Street, Cork, on February 13 and stole 11 bottles of perfume with a total value of €983.

When CCTV was examined for an incident two days earlier where seven bottles of perfume costing €641 were taken, it was observed that Edward Collins was again the culprit.

Also on February 13 he went to TK Maxx on Cornmarket Street and stole €845 worth of perfume. A security officer saw him filling his bag with bottles of perfume.

In a similar crime committed on November 28 at Boots, Half Moon Street, Collins stole €578 worth of perfume sets.

Sgt Kelleher said Collins had two previous convictions for burglary and one for a serious drugs case where he got a five-and-a-half-year sentence suspended on condition that he would keep the peace for five-and-a-half-years.

While that was imposed back in April 2015, the lengthy period of the suspension meant that yesterday’s eight-month sentence put the accused at risk of having the entire sentence of five years and six months activated. That will be a matter for a judge to decide at Cork Circuit Criminal Court next month when that court resumes. Commenting on the fact that Collins was now at risk of that much longer sentence, defence solicitor, Diarmuid Kelleher said: “He is a bit unfortunate.”

Judge Olann Kelleher remarked: “He is not a bit unfortunate, he has €3,000 worth of perfumes stolen from shops.”

The judge said that €1,200 worth of the perfumes had never been recovered.

Mr Kelleher said the defendant had mental health issues and had resorted to these thefts.

Judge Kelleher suggested: “Taking them to sell on?”

The solicitor replied: “Presumably. It was desperate stuff.”

Judge Kelleher imposed the overall sentence of eight months for the thefts and also remanded the accused in custody to Cork Circuit Criminal Court on April 20 for consideration of whether the sentence will be revoked.

In 2015, Edward Collins, who then had an address at Harbour View Road, Knocknaheeny, Cork, pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine for sale or supply on June 5 2014 at Blackpool shopping centre at a time when its street value exceeded €13,000.