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Bottles in the footfall of a car pulled over in Cork city. Picture: @GardaTraffic Twitter.
Bottles in the footfall of a car pulled over in Cork city. Picture: @GardaTraffic Twitter.

Cork driver arrested with empty vodka bottles in car

A Cork city driver is facing a day in court after being arrested for committing mutliple driving offences, including drink driving.

The Cork City Road Policing Unit (RPU) arrested the man after observing a car driving with no lights on, on the wrong side of the road.

The driver admitted to having consumed a bottle of vodka and a picture of the inside of the car showed several empty bottles of spirits in the footwell of the passenger seat.

When gardaí checked the driver's details, they discovered that in addition to the offences they witnessed, he iss also already currently disqualified from driving.

The man now faces prosecution and the Garda Síochána social media accounts took the opportunity to remind motorists to never drink and drive.

"People who drink and drive are putting you, me and our families at risk," a spokesperson wrote on the the Garda Síochána Southern Region Facebook page. 

An Garda Síochána regularly use Facebook and Twitter to share reports of driving and other offences, in an attempt to deter others from the same behaviour.