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 The junction at Waterloo has been the scene of numerous serious accidents. Picture: John Delea.
The junction at Waterloo has been the scene of numerous serious accidents. Picture: John Delea.

Closure of deadly junction will leave parents with 60km round trip

Plans to close the Waterloo junction on the N20 Cork to Mallow following a number of serious crashes looks set to cause consternation in the local community.

The junction has been the location of a series of traffic accidents including a fatal crash last September where two American tourists were killed.

As a result, the junction is likely to be closed permanently following consultation between Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), Cork County Council and An Garda Siochána.

However, residents in the area fear the permanent closure will divide their community forcing them into long diversions through Blarney.

In a statement released by the TII the road is currently closed due to ongoing pavement surfacing works and it is likely the road will not reopen.

“Cork County Council and TII have reviewed the safety of the junction. Cork County Council has now issued a report to TII safety section for approval.

“This report includes among a number of options. One option is to close the junction on a permanent basis. This is the preferred solution from a road safety viewpoint.” The TII went on to say that the report will be considered by both the Cork County Council and themselves before any final decision is made.

Cork County Council also released a statement saying: “Following some serious including fatal incidents, the Council is giving consideration to proposing the closing of the junction permanently.

Jonathan Healy who lives on the Waterloo side of the Mallow Road said they would be completely cut off from Whitechurch.

“If implemented, parents would face a 60km a day school run via Blarney to drop their kids to Whitechurch, which is completely unsustainable.” “The residents of Waterloo, Garrycloyne and Newcastle had been at the forefront of the campaign to improve the safety of the junction, but no-one expected that it would be closed completely.

Residents said they were under the impression that the junction would reopen last Friday but said they are concerned that the new road markings laid in recent days have already removed the junction, before any public consultation.

A public meeting is being organised for next week, to which all local representatives will be invited.