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CCTV to tackle Shanbally dumping

ILLEGAL dumping on the outskirts of Shanbally was raised at County Council as an issue that needed to be tackled by a covert surveillance operation.

County Councillor Seamus McGrath brought the dumping problem to the fore in the last Ballincollig/Carrigaline Municipal District meeting to be held by the County Council.

Mr McGrath said the area was in need of CCTV surveillance to catch the perpetrators who were leaving large amounts of rubbish in the secluded area, close to Shanbally village.

The Carrigaline Councillor brought the issue up in Any Other Business, following another bout of dumping in the notorious black spot.

Mr McGrath said that illegal dumping was a reoccurring issue in the area.

“It is a quiet road and there is no surveillance from passers-by as there is not a lot of traffic there. It has been an issue over the years, it is a long-running issue in this location “It is a ready-made case for a covert surveillance operation and the council should be targeting this area.” According to the County Councillor, the best way to tackle the issue is to catch people in the act and proceed with the fining process in place to deal with illegal dumping.

“The best deterrent is someone getting caught and fined and word of mouth letting others know that that the council are targeting this area.” Mr McGrath called on the Municipal District of Ballincollig and Carrigaline to write to the Environment Department of the Council asking them to tackle the problem through technology.

“There are significant amounts of material being dumped there, it is an issue the authorities need to face up to.” Independent Councillor Marcia D’Alton agreed with her colleague that it was an area that needed attention.

“It’s quite a secluded road from traffic point of view, bit of a black spot for dumping. If you look up the area on Google Earth, there is dumping in the photos - and they were taken in 2011.”