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Independent councillor, Marcia D’Alton, said older people are concerned about burglaries in the Douglas and Carrigaline areas. Picture: Denis Minihane
Independent councillor, Marcia D’Alton, said older people are concerned about burglaries in the Douglas and Carrigaline areas. Picture: Denis Minihane

Burglars targeting Douglas-Carrigaline

A gang from outside Cork is targeting houses in the Douglas and Carrigaline area around mass times and during funerals, Gardaí are warning.

At the Douglas policing forum held on Tuesday night, the Gardaí outlined that their crime analysts believe at least some of the eight burglaries in Douglas so far this year were executed by the same group that has been working Carrigaline.

Gardaí told the room of concerned residents and councillors, they believe the group is not local and that they use the M50 to access Cork quickly and go back up the country using the back roads.

According to local Independent councillor, Marcia D’alton catching this group is a very high priority with the Gardaí and they have already resourced additional patrols and yet more were added again on Tuesday.

Ms D’Alton said officers had expressed confidence that they would see positive results as a result of their increased efforts.

She said a crackdown was needed as it was very scary for people to have this trend in the area. “I had an older person contact me who is genuinely concerned about this issue.” 

With regards the characteristics of the burglaries, Gardaí advised that the current pattern is 6pm to 10pm, during mass times and funerals.

The Gardaí also said that the thieves were mostly hitting homes where they won’t be seen, such as houses with vegetation in the front or properties with easy rear access that is not lit up or overlooked.

A number of preventative measures were discussed including installing sensor lights and alarms as deterrents.

Dogs and gravel/stone driveways were recommended as both are noisy and CCTV can be used on your own property as long as it is only pointing at your own house.

“Cut your hedges and have as much lighting on your property as possible. Alarms are a good deterrent, but the Sergeant did mention a case where a house was burgled while the alarm was going off.” 

Ms D’Alton also said Gardaí warned people not to interact with burglars if they come into the house while you are there. “The advice is not to engage them and when they are gone call the police.”