TV programme reveals dangers of deadly gas lurking underground in Ireland

Eco Eye on RTE 1 tonight, January 26 debunks some theories on our exposure to radiation and outlines where the real health risks are
TV programme reveals dangers of deadly gas lurking underground in Ireland

Dr Clare Kambamettu hears of the danger of radon in Eco Eye tonight, Tuesday, January 27.

IF you thought your greatest risk of radiation exposure in Ireland was from Sellafield or nuclear power stations, you’d be wrong.

Radiation is all around us, all the time, from nuclear power plant waste to phone masts, cosmic rays to 5g signals. But it turns out that the man-made radiation that everyone is afraid of is not worth being worried about.

The greatest health risk from radiation in Ireland actually comes from a natural source, a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas called radon that lives in our rocks and soils.

Indoor exposure to radon kills more people in Ireland each year than carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and road accidents combined.

But this is a threat to human health that can be managed with home testing and simple remediation works. So why are the number of adon-linked lung cancer cases increasing to nearly 300 yearly?

In Eco Eye on RTÉ1 on Tuesday at 7pm, psychologist Dr Clare Kambamettu learns about our exposure to radiation, debunks some conspiracy theories, finds out where the real danger lies and what we can do to minimise the health risks from this deadly radon gas.

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