Summer Soap

Good news on the job front and after-work drinks, in the second episode of our Summer Soap.
Summer Soap

“Had a good flick through Tinder. Lots of lovely football-playing CIT boys but I need a career man at this point since I plan on taking on the world.” Posed by model.

Welcome to the Evening Echo’s annual feature — Summer Soap. Now in its third year, Summer Soap is a daily fictional serial run over 12 parts, which began last Monday and runs each day in the Echo for a fortnight. Called Work Wives, this story was written by Siobhan Ryan-Bovey of Cobh, and was chosen from work submitted by students of the MA in Creative Writing Programme at UCC. In this second chapter, good news on the job front, and after-work drinks are planned

Episode 2

Tuesday 12th June: 9:45


I’m guessing you just saw Seán come over to my desk. No it wasn’t to ask about customer services. I’ve been short-listed for the job upstairs! You might have caught the top of my head spinning happily in my swivel chair behind the fern? I stood to give you a thumbs up but I guess you were in the bathroom. I ended up giving it to John in the seat next to you instead. Made his day.

Considering shouting out my good news to the kids standing outside the College of Comm’ on their lunch break. Absolutely delighted with myself, so I am! Already texted the parents (broke Seán’s no phone rule as soon as he walked away) and they’re going to have a dinner for me in Douglas on Saturday. Texted Dave too and he put x’s at the end of the text. Swear I had butterflies for the first time in God knows how long.

Feel like I might be jumping the gun a little since I’ve only been “short-listed” but sure look! The sun is shining, my hair is still fresh from its cut at Peter Marks yesterday and it’s a great day! Drinks after work at the Old Oak?

I’m guessing you had an early night after your wild weekend with the disappointing Spaniard. I know you were saying after work yesterday you were going to give a Tinder a lash? I hope you had a good swipe last night while you were rejuvenating. I’d say they were super-liking you left, right, and centrw, you gorgeous thing.

I need to set you up with Fabio in Peter Marks. He gave me a Keratin treatment and I’ve never felt so fresh. I’ll stand and do a twirl in a while so you can have a look.

Lots of love,

Sandra (with the good hair) xx



That’s amazing!! So proud ! You’d be amazing upstairs. Shake the old men out of their boots. We need a bit of young blood on the top (yes 30 is young). I’m so excited about this.

Definitely don’t scream down to the Leaving Certs below though. They’re having enough of a hard time without having a random woman shout down on them on their break between papers, like. That being said, shots on me tonight at the Old Oak!

Can I just say that I am secretly very proud of Dave for being a model supportive husband? Glad to hear he’s stepping up to the plate. He really is a sweetie at the end of the day. And I think there’s just a hint of Kevin Richardson in his side profile. The trick is to only ever look at him from the side (I should definitely give up this gig and become a marriage counsellor!)

When you move upstairs who will be my work wife? I can’t stand the idea of being down here alone.

I did take a ‘me’ night last night. College Road is so much quieter in summer. I love it. Since I graduated in 2015 I’m so much wiser and mature than the lowly students of UCC. I had a few glasses of Pinot Grigio and did one of those black face masks (they absolutely rip the face off you, avoid at all costs). Watched The Young Offenders and had a good flick through Tinder. Lots of lovely football-playing CIT boys but I need a career man at this point since I plan on taking on the world and can’t be carrying dead weight. Think Beyonce and Jay-Z

Side note: I don’t know what’s happening with my mam at the moment. I stayed with her in Midleton for the weekend and she’s finding it so hard without Dad. She’s forgetting things too for the last few months but I didn’t realise how bad she’s gotten.

I’m bringing her to the doctor’s on my lunch break so we won’t be able to chat until after work. But then the party continues! Send an email to Saint Jude for her.

Yours in life, love, and work,


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